Facial Mask

When everything seems so down, wear a mask.

It is like a beautiful fate that brought me to this mask shopping as the night before, I was thinking to myself that it had been awhile i didnt pamper meself with a cool mask and when i went to work the next day, a beauty counter open at bandar tasik selatan star lrt station, Savee. it is a Singaporean brand and I did noticed it before but like any new cosmetics line in malaysia, they come and go really  fast and some of them are crappy anyway.

Back to Savee. apparently it seems they have a great bargain for mask, RM 1 per sachet. I bought 12 of them. 2 of which is a powdered anti- acne mask RM5 per sachet weight 30 gram each. It was a great deal as Skinfood’s mask is RM 5 per sachet and it is only one treatment. In term of mask performance, i will perhaps review it one by one.  I am a bit skeptical what will it do to my skin but as long there isn’t any new zits saying hello, I am glad 🙂 and beside you can’t expect that much of miracle. 🙂                   
so here are some of the masks that I’ve grab for now. It would be a long pictures trail to put in one post beside I am wearing one of the mask now! ^_^

Til next time! 


Have great day, gals!                                         



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