Girls Day Out 

It was my friend birthday, Amy and we hang out at KLCC park until Sungei Wang.It was great shiny day and we had so much fun. Wishing her a very great birthday and more years to come! ^_^

I didn’t managed to took picture of look of that day because I was pretty much in rush so I am substitute it with what I was wearing that day.

Skirt! The older I get, I love wearing skirts. It is breezy, looks very much casual or smart depends on how you wear itand it is easy when I go to the loo too. ^_^ I love being a girl! ^_^

Skirt: My sister’s
Top: Fashion’s Boutique, Sungei Wang
Cardigan: Gina Tricot
Belt: F.O.S
Shoe: Sembonia

Everyone, this is my gal pal,Amy. We’ve been friends since my red-riding-hood at University. We will do little project together regarding make up and all things related or none related? ^_^ Stay tuned!

She have gorgeous bracelets.^_^
End of the day, I can’t feel my legs. Happy Feet.


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