Mustache Girl

when you been called mustache girl at high school, you felt pissed off with hairs on
upper lips and tried to cut it with small scissors that you found in your sister’s bag.
It doesn’t turn out that bad anyway but I hate it.

Since then, I waxed it. It hurts like hell when first time but no pain no gain. I love bald
upper lips, mind you. ^_^ My lipsticks look nicer…No one would notice but I do…

After few years waxing it, I thread it after my Indian friend introduced me to threading.
It was good and cheap too!! So I thread until now. It is much more better than waxing!
Now, I found a tool similar function to threading. It is my new torture device!

It looks like this:

It is working perfectly well! IF you can handle pain of threading and waxing, wait til you thread yourself with this.
I am sure you will be more satisfied because you doing it yourself. So you can be cursing your way through it if you shy to curse in front of a nice lady who thread for you.. ^_^
This is how you do it or a youtube review on it from XSophiado. She bought it for 7 USD but I bought for Rm4 (1.25USD). I know you girls hate me so much right now.^_^

If you have this kind of torture tool, do you like it?



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