The Return

After a few days doing nothing but catching up stories with my sister, I am return to my reader.

Flight from Helsinki to Malaysia is pretty pleasant though I wish I could be seated on aisle side because I love being able to go to the toilet without asking person sitting next to me to stand up and seat again.. I try to drink less.. though I know it is not probably the best idea when you are in 11 hours flight.. so I had survived to go to toilet for the whole 11 hours. Thank god, I was pretty tired and sleep awhile… ^_^

Thank god as well I didn’t have stomach ache or anything of sort while I was in flight. *phew* I still remember when I had my tooth ache and I had to bear my tooth ache for 11 hours..I couldn’t sleep or do anything! The moment I step down the plane, I went straight to dentist and pull it out! *relief*

Back to beauty talk, while I was in the flight, I didn’t put any make up on and the only thing I’ve put on is my red lipstick. I need to put some color on my face if not I will feel I’m not complete. Does it make sense?

My mom took my picture when my parents picked me up at the airport. She never seen me with red lipstick, she told me I have Lady Gaga lips. ^_^ coming from her, I don’t know whether it is a good thing or bad thing.

So I am return to where it all started.


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