Top 10 Award

Thank you to sweet Zarina from Marshee for giving me this award!*blush*

Rules *rolls eyes* ^__^

1. Thank the person who tag you —->>Zarina ( Thank you again!!) ‘

2. Put award on the blog.

3. List Top 10 cosmetics

4. Choose 10 blogger, tag them, link and tell them.

My top 10 cosmetics

1= By Terry Foundation

2= MAC Lipstick in Satin

3= Wet & Wild Color Icon Palette

4= H & M nail polish in Espresso

5= Wild & Crazy nail polishes

6= SASA mascara

7= Stila Bronzer

8= Stila concealer

9= Maybelline Color Sensational Lipsticks

10= 120 palette

As you can see, I don’t use much. ^__^

There are my top 10 read at the moment… ^__^



  1. >Thank you very much for all these awards! Ahh! I don't know what to do with all of them. I hardly have time to catch up on reading updates from my favorite bloggers. … I truly do appreciate them though! ā¤

  2. >Love your blog! Hey would you check out mine? If you follow I would be happy to return the favor! beautybarbie16.blogspot.comthanks so much!

  3. >@Maryam: you're welcome ^__^ @Vintage Makeup: You're welcome! ^__^ @Shelby: Thank you for your visit! your blog is cute! ^__^^ Keep it up! @Red Lips Black Hair: You're welcome! ^__^ My fav palette have to be "Greed" It's awesome.. too bad they don't sell the whole range here… or I will have hard time to choose my fav! ^__^ @PeachCrush: Hello! Thanks for your visit! You just found a new follower! ^__^ @Gotham Polish: Thank you so much! ^__^ @Marie: I'm glad I can give some ideas.. ^__^

  4. ahhhhhhh you are such a sugar I just came past to drop in some love and saw this thank you darling, I'll be on to it asap YOU ARE SUCH A DOLL!!!!!I may just have to agree with you about the MAC lipstick me thinks, beautiful!!!!! xoxoxox

  5. An Irish Italian: Thank you! I am flattered *blush* anyway, keep us updated with your new arrival,k? @Yeliz: you too, sugar! Give me some sugar!*hug* ok.. that doesn't sound right. you deserve it!

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