Blog Awards

A big Thank you to Red Lips Black Hair for giving me this award! She is so sweet and totally drop dead gorgeous! Check her blog!


Name your favourite color: For now, metallic purple.

Name your favourite song: Penguin Cafe Orchestra – perpetuum mobile (oppss, it is not even a song)

Name your fav dessert: Everything sweet, chocolate and creamy!

What is pissing you off? Cutting queues.

When you’re upset, you… quiet.

Your favourite pet: Cats

Black or White? White

Your biggest fear is…: Height

Your best feature is…: My Smile! ^__^

Everyday attitude: Happy. I tried to be everyday. ^__^

What is perfection? Symmetrical

Guilty pleasure: Jersey Shore! ^__^

The rules are:

1. Link back to the person who passed you the award.
2. Share 7 random things about yourself.

3. Award 15 blogs.

My random facts are:

1- I have bad back pain now. 😦

2- I like to sleep, if I could sleep and I wish I could sleep on time.

3- I think I look too young for my age. I think.

4– I ate cereal every chance I’ve got.

5- I burned my upper lips because of darn hair removal cream!

6- I wish I could and have leather cat suit.

7- I cut my own hair.

The awards go to:


















  1. >Aw thank you for giving me the award! *hugs* why do you have back pains? 😦 lol cutting queues PISSES me off too. haha XD I think… well okay not I think, I DO look too young for my age, lol!!!

  2. >@Vintage MakeUp: Thank you! ^__^ @Charlotte: You're welcome! @Red Lips, Black Hair: Thank you for giving me this awards! Yeah, I do like to sleep ^__^ I should re-write that instead cutting my own hair, it is more like trimming my own hair and cutting my own bang.. ^__^@OH To BE A Muse: You're welcome.. you deserve it!

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