Damsel in Distress? Not Anymore.

This is how female gun suppose to looks like. ^_^ Atelier Ted Noten from Netherlands launches first set of his “provocative” seven-part series named “Necessities for a Woman (to Feel Like a Woman Through the Eyes of a Man).”

These are some of his creations:

photo: Luxury Launches

Chanel 001

with Chanel lip gloss,


USB stick

Viagra pill (?),

an antique hairpin,

an 18 carat gold toothpick

photo: Luxury Launches

Dior 001

Dior lip gloss,

an antique hairpin,

a stock of essential medicines,

USB stick

100-gram sterling silver bar

He created bags too:

photo: Luxury Launches

photos: Ted Noten

Is it great and beautiful and very James Bond? I guess this what Charlie’s Angels should have to kick asses and look good too.

For more reading and admiration for his creations : Click LuxuryLaunches or Ted Noten website.


  1. @Red Lips: You're welcome!

    @Ginger: So do I .. it look so cool , I think people would stop me at the street and taking picture of that bag !

    @Maryam: true!!! perhaps I get arrested for being too transparent! hehehe

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