White In A Hot Day

What a hot day! Seriously, I am sweating on my armpits and it ain’t pretty. ok, I know it eww to talk about it. Seriously it is really hot here. Anyway, I am still here, because my flight being postponed until end of the month. *Bummer*

Well, I have no time to be sad, it is a beautiful summer and I can wear my favorite white short. ^__^. Though I always have been very careful wearing anything white because it is easy to look dirty.

What is your color for summer?

Short: Abercrombie and Fitch

Top: Top Shop

Cardigan : Gina Tricot ( I got this from thrift store! lucky!)



  1. where are you going? ^_^

    lol it was like STORMING over here! haha just for an hour. But the thunder was so loud that it actually scared me O_O XD

    I adore your white pants+ belt. I wish I could wear something like that >< (high waist pants look hilarious on me T_T)

  2. sweetheart your comments are always such a dream, you are seriously too beautiful and definitely well done for making me lol with the martha stewart comment heheheh!!! so lovely darling the shorts are fab on youuu xxxx

  3. @Vintage Makeup: Thank you!

    @Precious: Thank you!

    @Frances: I supposed to be at Malaysia by now but my flight been delayed.:( storm? I am afraid of storm… there is weather forecasting today, it will be big thunder storm tomorrow 😦 I am sure you will look cute with anything you wear.. ^__^

    @Rebecca: Thank you! yellow butter cup. I like yellow too..even the name are cute! ^__^

    @Jhan: Thank you. I think yellow pretty much color of summer..

    @Ati: Thank you ^__^

    @Red Lips: Thank you ..^__^

    @Yeliz: Thank you! I love the short too. It is always been my pleasure to visit your lovely blog and comment on it…

  4. I love your white shorts, they look so pretty on you 🙂 I hope you find the Hello Kitty quad and that you like it. I bought a palette by H&M years ago and it not good but now its like they have stepped up their game. I feel like their makeup is much better now 🙂

    Love Christine ♥

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