Awards Time!


Thank you, Red Lips Black Hair!

Thank you , Charlotte!

yay! I’ve got an award again! I am so flattered. It is the same award with different fonts. ^__^ My lovely readers keeps me keep blogging! Thank you so much again, Red Lips and Charlotte! *flying kisses!!

I’ll nominate everyone! ^__^ because I don’t discover any new blogger now .. sorry! I am a very loyal reader, perhaps. ^__^

7 facts about me (now)

1. I hate soda or anything gassy like Pepsi or Coke because I will burp like a man.

2. My favorite color currently is purple. Metallic purple. ^_^

3. I am a bad shopper because when I shop, I wrote a list what I need but when I see something with much better deal, I will be so anxious I will end up not buying anything at all. Sales is worse for me.

4. I am sick of chocolate now. I know it’s crazy talk but that’s the truth.

5. I hate to work out but I know it is the only way to keep fit.

6. I love packing, but I hate unpacking.

7. Next week, I will board the plane and going back to Malaysia. So, I will be blogging from Kuala Lumpur and I couldn’t wait to show you around! ^__^




  1. >@I'm Just The MOM: Thanks! I don't usually have favorite color but purple looks very beautiful to my eyes now.. ^_^ It does makes your heart melt!

  2. >ahahahah oh lovely your comment just made my morning!!My friends would absolutely think i was insane don't you worry it's so true!!!AND HATE COKE!!!!always have ALWAYS will!!!xxxx

  3. >@Yeliz: haha! good good… though I am sure you can pose better than that model..^__^ @Marie: I have hate love thing with shopping.. ^__^ @Vintage Makeup: Thank you!

  4. >@Red Lips: I won't be swearing off chocolate all together. I ate them too much and now I want to eat something more cinnamon-y.. ^__^ my love for chocolate is always there.. ^__^

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