Fake Bob

I was thinking about cutting my hair to bob but I hate to have this feeling of missing my old hair whenever I cut it short. ^___^ So, I just try to fake bob , just to get feeling of it.

My current hair


My Fake Bob






It was ok though I admit short hair is really easy to maintain.hmmm… we’ll see. So, if you want to do a fake bob as well, you can watch this video. ^__^

Happy Sunday!



  1. First of all, I LOVE your hair, it's beautiful. I fear chopping mine too which is why the “fake” bob is a great alternative which also looks great on you and you can have the best of both worlds with long and short hair šŸ™‚

  2. @Maryam:Thank you. yeah.. I love my long hair too..

    @An IrishItalian: Thank you so much. This is perfect rather than feeling sorry I can't wear ponytail again.. ^__^

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