Moved To WordPress

Because of recent disturbance with blogger and it will might happen soon, I am taking no chances and let my post or comments gone with the wind so I am moving to wordpress. I will be still writing from Blogger, but whatever I wrote here, wordpress will be my backup and so does all my lovely comments. ^__^

This is my wordpress adress:

My other blog:

I am so clueless about WordPress. My head spins. ^__^

Happy Reading!



  1. @Jhan: No worry! I will keep writing on blogger. It just recent disturbance causing some post missing.. freaking me out. So WordPress is only a back up^__^ Unfortunately, the bad thing about wordpress, they don't have Google Friend Connect.. you have to subscribe by email..*ugh* you don't have to .. I am still blogger fan!

  2. Congrats on having WordPress as a back up just in case. That was a long time that blogger was downI have a self-hosted WordPress blog. I still keep my blogger blog up saying that I have moved to WordPress.JTwisdom

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