Nail Art: Marbled Nails

I love love this nail art. It is not as messy as I would think though I have to admit when I found out about this technique at first , I just want to do it right away and end up being waayy too messy to clean . So I’ve put scotch tape around my nails and it is much more nicer and the messy is very very minimal. Remember, if you want to do this, SCOTCH TAPE is a big helper. ^__^

I’ve used these 3 nail polishes:

Wild & Crazy – Red

H&M – Espresso Me

Models Own- Peach Puff

Video on how you could do it. Seriously, try it. At least once. ^__^

This was happened when I didn’t use SCOTCH TAPE. Horrid!

Have a nice weekend!!



  1. Thanks, girls!

    @Vintage Makeup: I understand..mine was horrid when I first try it out… It is petty much trial and error.. ^_^ I am sure you will succeed next time!

  2. @Nicole Alicia: Thank you!

    @Red lips, Black Hair: Thank you!.. yeah.. it does looks like Henna.. hmm.. ..perhaps next time I will let it be.. a new trend.. hehe..

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