Trend : Elie Saab Spring/Summer 2011 Eye Make up Inspired

Today is May Day or International Workers Day so Happy May Day to every one! Though it is raining here in Helsinki but it doesn’t dampen my spirit to do a very nice inspired eye make up for evening out in the city.

As usual, I am solely using Manly 120 palette or I will stated otherwise. ^_^ This look is similar to my other eye make up inspiration from Vintage Make Up using yellow and orange. Now I think of it, I really like using yellow and orange eyeshadow this season…opppss..

This is my inspiration


Her eye make up is very striking with yellow on inner corner of her eye and it looks like she has brownish orange going on there but of course, I can’t be that details about it , that’s why it is an inspired look. ^__^

This is the colors I was using for this eye make up. It wouldn’t be fair to say I am only using that particular color on that palette but I used a bit of each on the same row because at least I feel I am using all of them ^_^

Have a good weekend, girls !! ^_^


  1. @Kristy: Thanks! It would fit nicely with yellow cocktail dress.. too bad I don't have yellow colors dresses.. I always end up buying darker colors..^__^

    @Katherine: Thank you so much! I can assure you I don't have much eye shadows-^__^

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