Princess Catherine @ Duchess of Cambridge Wedding Dress


I didn’t follow through the wedding although it is begin at 11 a.m. just let say I am still in dreamland that moment so I woke up and fortunately the wedding is that long I can still watch some of it.

I love Princess Kate@ Catherine wedding dress. Designed by Sarah Burton, creative director of Alexander McQueen. Traditional and modern at the same time.

I think she looks beautiful, very princess like!

photo courtesy

photo courtesy

What do you think?


  1. >I loved her dress. It's was so simple and beautiful. I could definitely see myself wearing something like it for my wedding (whenever that happens), you know?

  2. >@Jhan: Me too! If you are wearing that style of wedding dress on your wedding day, share it.. or better invite me, I want to say it myself to you that you look beautiful! ^_^ @Vintage MakeUp: Thank you! It is spring.. so white is IN color now.. ^__^

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