Nail Arts Circles Makes Me A Happy Girl

I am in a mood of doing nail art but my lack of ideas and skills doesn’t stop me from getting ideas from other people. mua ha ha ha!

Anyway, I got this idea from this lady, she always comes out with over the top nail arts and she makes it so easy, well of course when you have steady hands and been doing it for years. I tried one of her easy design and end up being my left fingers art looks so good but my right hands looks crappy.. so pretty much indicate that I am right handed. ^_^

So this is an easy and cute nail art.. it is so cute , it makes me happy. ^_^

This is my version:

yes, my finger is a bit crooked.That’s why I don’t give a finger. It doesn’t look right. ^_^



  1. Thanks for visiting and following my blog ^^ btw cute layout you have! Love the background<3 and this youtube video,thanks for introducing it,so interesting. I must get a dotting tool soon!

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