Cool Recycle

Today we went to recycled center. I have posted it before that my bf and I were pretty active doing “scavenger hunt” and today I found some awesomeness from there. ^_^

A Swedish 1957 book. I don’t read swedish but the cover is so beautiful, I got to have it and I will turn into my scrapbook. An idea from C.R.A.F.T. Brilliant!

I love writing in calligraphy though I am still in learning process but I feel very artistic just using an ink and calligraphy pen. It making me feel more artistic when I found this perfect tip for calligraphy, with a feather! How authentic is that?!

For those who are a cat lover, this is a book for you, well, it’s mine! My precious.. Mine.. ^_^
It is an old 1966 book by Carl Burger. From history facts to cats in general, it is a very nice read. I am very excited that I found this book.

images inside the book:

All of the images are black and white. Awesomeness.

Have a nice day!


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