Beauty Can Kill You. Not Literally.



I am not anti make up person. My blog is mostly about reviewing make up stuff. It just beauty has been my interest for long time, good or bad side of it.

Eyelash curler

photo: torture device

My bf thought eyelash curler is torturing device and I think most men too. I have an experience that I clip it a bit hard and made my eyes hurt. I know… so from there, if the curler is not working, just toss it away!

Eyeliner pencil

photo: tightlining

Eyeliner are the best in cosmetics because it makes so much different on your eyes but if you aren’t careful, it can poke your eye. ouch! I’ve been there. Thank god it doesn’t lead to anything serious.

Brazilian Wax

photo: comic

Do not believe anyone said “waxing” is like ant biting. NO,IT ISN’T!!!! It stinks even after waxing.


photo: our skin is not a wood.

Too much scrubbing doesn’t makes the skin look healthier or cleaner. It leaves so much rash and redness, you don’t need a blusher, if you like that.


photo: mascara horror

In 1930’s, a mascara can cause a women blind. eeek!


photo: perfume can get rid somebody sometimes.

If French queen Catherine de Medici or her perfumer, René Bianco, gifted you with a pair of perfumed gloves. History you’re dead.

I guess too much perfume can cause allergy to other people and not everyone will like your scent, keep it light, please.


photo: it still hurt

Hair dyes

photo: 15 year old rushed to hospital after using hair dyes

Always check before you dye your hair. We never know or just dye it at salon. If something wrong happen, just sue them! ha ha ha (evil laugh)

Plastic surgery (obviously)

photo: tragic

She died because she want to make her ass looks bigger. Does it worth it? no.


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