Too much of Beauty Make my eyes hurt.


If that women is natural beauty and just used make up to enhance her appearance, it’s fine but I just don’t get it the girl gone too far, does she really think she’s beautiful with those tons of eyeshadow glitter discotheque on her eyes? Confidence conquers it all, it seems.

For me everything is got to be balance in make up or even fashion. Too much of everything is making a beautiful girl naturally into some little monster of vanity in a bad way.

note: I am not referring to Lady Gaga “little monster”

Too much tan

photo: is this beautiful for you?

Having a color on the skin is nice but too change too much is just bad looking.

Too colorful/Much Eyeshadow

photo: Nice for editorial not in person. *sigh*

It’s fun and beautiful when it done nicely. I am pretty much guilty in this department as well sometimes. It is a mistake when I think I am painting rather than enhancing. BIG DIFFERENCE.
Live and learn.

Too long nail and too much stuff on it

photo: kawaii nails

It is beautiful and it looks like art on nails but seriously, how does that person eerr.. do her “thing”. Personally, I like my nail short and colored. If I get too far with it, slap me.

Colored eyebrow

photo: runaway

A new fad I recently I found out. Colored your brow. Would you try it on daily basis? Not for me, thank you.

Over plucked eyebrow

photo: brow

Eyebrow are meant to frame your face. Over doing it, make you clown-ish. Unless you have fetish with clown looks.

That’s all my “I-Just-Don’t-Get-It” beauty rant. ^_^ Is there any beauty that you think gone too far and just plain ugly? ^_^

All and all, everyone has beauty disaster, I had my hair bleached, too much eye make up and mess up false lashes. Oh how I love being a girl!

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