Review – Good Stuff Organics Antioxidant Facial Moisturizer


No Paraben

No Synthetic

No dye

No Sulfates

Delicious Fragrance

Eco-Friendly packaging

My experience :

It is a good moisturizer. Not great, just good. It can be oily on my skin though my skin is pretty fucked up in this weather so I thought I have dry skin but it is not. ^_^ I have an oily skin and putting this moisturizer too much is a no-no. Perhaps on drier skins, this could be great.

There is no obvious effect by using this. It is just moisturizing, with silky touch, or greasy touch if I used it too much. ^_^

The fragrance are nice because of Goji Berry and Acai Berry extracts. It really does smells like putting fruit on your face and it gives psychological effects that this moisturizer is healthy.

photo: acai berry

photo:goji berry

That is two berries in the moisturizer, I just wanted to share with you because I don’t know how this berries looks like myself and in case you are wondering as I am what in the world is Goji Berry and Acai Berry. It seems like this berries can be considered as Superfood. Too bad in that moisturizer only the extracts but anyway… who am I to complain? If I want a real berry, I better pick it up myself and smear it on my face, right? ^_^^

I will still use this until it finish. I’ve made a resolution that I will finish everything I bought, unless it can cause breakouts.


Nicer on drier skin

Very moisturizing

Great smells

It doesn’t do anything much


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