Review – Maybelline Color Sensational

I don’t usually use lipsticks that much as I want to but I like a bargain when I see one and this lipsticks is definitely a bargain for me when I went to cruise. There was tax free cosmetics and fragrances shop,so it happened at that time, there was a sale! ^_^

I bought it because I tried and liked 2 out of 3 three colors. Lucky me, I guess! Too bad I can’t pick and choose.

note: Iced Caramel and Sweet Pink looks the same but in person it looks different, it is a flash from the camera. *sigh*


I really like Iced Caramel and Sweet Pink though Sweet Pink can make my face dull if I don’t have make up on and tons of blusher. Do not be fool in the image above. It is light pink with shimmer.

Iced Caramel is nude color and it looks natural on my skin tone. I’m totally in love with it. ^_^

I am not a fan of Galactic Mauve. That color really doesn’t suit my skin tone. I look sick. I can’t give it away because I’ve used it already and it is not hygiene to share it unless I’ve only use lipstick brush on it. Perhaps it is nice to use it with dark, smokey look. I will try it next time. The purple-ish tint color doesn’t look obvious but I just don’t like it.


These lipstick are soft and shiny finish with nice smells.

I need to buy lipstick brush so I can give it away if I bought a wrong color. ^_^



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