Make up for going to sale?


It’s been awhile I’ve post about make up. I’ve been resting my skin from make up and foundations because my skin seems to turns dull and sometimes pale if I don’t use foundation and I hate that. Plus with this harsh winter really scrubbing my tan away..^_^

So today, there is Crazy Day in Stockmann at Tapiola means BIG SALES! ^_^ and I feel like doing paint on my face.

I just have simple natural eye make up and a bit of concealer and powder.. that’s it. A nice pick me up make up I would put it.

I just use this palette. I can’t say this palette is wow! but OK considering the price. It is nice for fairer skin. I couldn’t wear this when my skin was a bit darker because it is not that pigmented and it feel sucks to wear it. ^_^^ so I think I need to keep my skin fair, only for this palette. –haha


H&M Biscotti Dreams



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