Anyone like CSI Las Vegas?

I do , no, I love it since Grissom was in the team but for some odd reason, the one with Justin Bieber as guest star pretty much made me bored. It seems they have to put something for Justin Bieber to act.

I’m not sure I am glad he’s dead or not but I wish the story line is better than he being a smart ass kid blowing up people. hmm.. perhaps killing other kids to be famous? *just a thought*

he’s a darling anyway.

What about Dita Von Teese in CSI couple of episode before? I like her as burlesque dancer but not an actress. Story line is “huh?!? I just lost it.

*urgh* hmm,.. well.. I guess CSI also need star to boost their rating though I don’t think they need any.

From concerned fan,


  1. LOL..i haven't watch the new episode of CSI yet..since AXN will be airing next week..but i must say somehow..deep down..everyone loves BEAVER got killed in the end of the show..that means he doesn't have to re-appear in that show anymore..YAY!!! hahahha

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