Gosh! It is really nice!


There’s a sales on Gosh make up discount up to 50% at Sokos and the only thing that super duper cheap is loose eyeshadow or pigment and foundation mousse. ^_^ Each cost 3,50€ and 3€ respectively. I do not want to get too crazy and start piling up stuff, which I already have but I tried within reason. *Pinky promise*

Gosh Effect Powder Rose Gold

there’s even an opening for it. nicceee…

Gosh Effect Powder Bottle

No opening?? This is pink discrimination.

I don’t have color swatches for this because my skin is dark and the camera flashes so the color isn’t co-operating with me. -_-

The pigments are very nice but very shimmery. You can wear it alone if you have big nice eyes. I wish I have because you can get away using only one color and eyeliner. *sigh*. Between wearing it wet or dry, I prefer wet..the color are popping like lollipop colors and it gives your eyes youth back. Probably I won’t using shimmery when I am 40 but I still have 11 years to go.


Gosh Makeup Mousse in 04 Champagne

yes, tacky but who cares.

The moouusssseee is calling me… it is soooooo soofftt and matte like touching clouds. Exaggeration is a must for this purpose. The color I pick is tend to be slightly lighter than my skin tone but that’s what you get when you don’t have any samples to choose from but it is alright because it is not too white until I can pass being on stage with Chinese opera or my BB cream. I always can mix it with my darker shade of foundation or simply bronzer. waallaah.. perfect !
It is worth for 3€.


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