Black Swan & Blue Bald Man


I’ve watched 2 movie yesterday because I was dying to see both of them.. of course 2 totally different genre is sometime too much. Nevertheless, I love it.

Black Swan

I love this movie. I love psychological thriller. Though when I see this movie, it remind me of Japanese Anime psychological thriller, Perfect Blue. If you like this, go and check out Perfect Blue (if you like anime).

Natalie Portman played her role perfectly as perfectionist ballerina. Maybe because I always see her as perfect, seriously, her face is perfect. Her cheekbone, her nose, her eyes.. she don’t need any make up at all. Anyway, before I sounded like having a lesbian crush on her, I am truly
enjoy this movie.

Mila Kunis is amazing as well! She almost steal the show. I just know her from That’s 70 show and voice for Meg in Family Guy but after seeing her in this movie, it blows my mind. She played unrestricted girl, Lily and being totally opposite from Natalie, makes it a very nice combo. ^_^ She is perfect for her role!

Vincent Cassel.. a very very good French actor, though usually he played smart ass villain but in this movie, I was charmed by him… even though he is a big prick in this movie, perhaps that’s how artistic director behave in real world.. I don’t know…

Beautiful film. I truly recommend it for those who loves psychological thriller.


Nice plot.. a villain be good and bored when no super hero to challenge him ^_^

I really enjoy this movie. Feel good movie. It’s animation, I usually don’t have any problem with them. ^_^

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