A Bit of Good-ish Girl


A Bit of Good-ish Girl

I am so free today, I am doing 2 looks in one day. One is bad, this one is a bit good-ish. ^_^ . It is pretty simple. There’s one blogger asked if I ever use eyeliner. Yes! This is one of the reason why I love eyeliner. Again, this is suitable for my eye shape. If you have a big crease, you can skip the part where I put in black eyeshadow. I just doing it to define my crease more. ^_^

Step 1: Pat light color all over lid

Step 2: use pencil eyeliner and do tight lining. (tight lining?!!, ok, this is what I meant)

It looks hurt and painful but I’ll tell you it is a good way to make lashes appear full. Click on the image above to know more.

Step 3: Line your eye with liquid eyeliner. Do a wing eyeliner to make it looks more sultry or cat liner. Meoowwww..

This is Sarah Victor, she will explain to you how to do perfect cat liner. ^_^

Step 4: Using a small brush, line your crease to define it. I’m using darkish purple from Wet & Wild Cool As Cucumber.

Step 5: If you have big eyes and big and deep crease, which I am jealous of you. Skip this step and just add your mascara and you’re done. ^_^.

Add black shadow to more define crease and blend blend!

Step 6: highlight brow, mascara and all that. You’re done! ^_^



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