Bad Girl Valentine’s Day

Cheesy headline, I know but that’s what I feel when I see the end result. There’s no sweetness in this eye make up. This eye make up is suitable for my eye type. If you have round eye shape, the best way to make it “bad” is using eyeliner and do a winged eyeliner or you can modified it to suit your preference and eye shape. ^_~

Step 1: Primer all over your eyelids until brow bone

Step 2: Use Red Lipstick on your lid. Lipstick. Stick that put on your lip that gives color. If you are very much skeptical about using Lipstick on your lid, use white eyeliner instead. no harm done. ^_^

Step 3: Purple from Wet & Wild ColorIcon “Cool As Cucumber” above crease using small brush and make a line. No need to be neat.

Step 4: Blend and make it winged.

Step 5: Pat red eyeshadow on eyelid

Step 7: Take fluffy brush and blend it with a bit of same red eyeshadow above the crease.

Step 6: Line outer “V” with small brush with black shadow to give it more depth. Blend.

Step 7: Blend the black eyeshadow and wing it. Swing it baby!

Step 8: Highlight brow, Eyeliner , mascara or false lashes etc…. Done!!


  1. Thank you! I love eyeliner.. it makes so much different to your eyes. I can't live without eyeliner as well..
    There's no right way to put it.. you just need to practice.. why don't you just use pencil eyeliner and top of it liquid eyeliner.. it is always work for me and lasted too. ^_^

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