BB Cream

First time I heard BB cream when Malaysia pretty much flooded with Korean products and they promoted it very much. So I give it a try. I don’t remember how much was it, approximately RM60-ish? I was pretty much sucked into the alluring of sweet promises of this cream because one of the benefits wearing this cream is that it can help fading acne scars. oh what is BB cream?

BB cream stands for Blemish Balm and originated in Germany for dermatologist to help patients sooth and heal their skin after laser skin surgery. Korean celebrities views this BB cream as their secret weapon for flawless skin.

Personally, I think my BB cream is not suitable for me, it is cream-ish texture and when I put it on, it looks like I’m wearing a very white chalk all over my face. For some who have similar skin tone to this BB cream, it’s fine and lucky but having a darker skin, it is pretty much makes me want to throw this 25g of jar all the time. There is liquid type BB cream, maybe perhaps I will try that out. The only bad thing about BB cream is, it is only available in one color.

Be prepared to see how white it is on my face…

I need to cover it, I don’t want to give heart attack for those who view this image, but at least you know how white it is.

In make up purchase, you tend to make mistakes of buying stuff you “think” it is good and up until now, I feel adventurous to search affordable with quality. As the the says going, you get what you pay. As for me, I just view make up as fun to play around and make yourself extra pretty. ^_^

Because of that image above, BB cream claimed it will absorb to your skin and adjust the color with your skin tone, unfortunately, it doesn’t. It stays whitey.

So this is what I do to make it nicer to wear without feeling guilty to throw away full 25gram of jar.

1. I’ve mixed it with darker foundation.

2. I’ve put bronzer/darker shade of powder on top of it

3. I’ve mainly use it as concealer for under eye circle.

4. Used it as highlighter because of it’s whiteness, it can pass as highlight <–yes, that white.

Much better! It gives sun kissed glow like in summer.. ok ok, I know it is early. :P~~

I got this idea from this website. Neat!


  1. oh yes, I didn't say which skin type suitable for.sorry!
    It is suitable for all skin type.. depends on texture you like. I have oily skin as well and I prefer liquid foundations and top it with bronzer or powder.Liquid foundation is easier to blend, though you can use any matte foundation like Rimmel Stay Matter or Maybelline Pure Minerals. I've used both of them before and it is quite good to beat the oiliness. ^_~

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