Day 1 : A picture of me and 15 facts about me


1. My name is Shareena Binti Shaharruddin

2. I am 28 years old

3. I move to Finland from Malaysia about a year and half year ago

4. I never cook in my life until I moved to Finland

5. I hate waking up late but I am doing it anyway

6. I don’t like to tell people where I am going sometimes, so it pisses some of my friends.

7. I love make up. (duh)

8. I am not opposed to people who want plastic surgery and have money to do so.

9. Since I am a teen, I don’t date with my own circle of people.

10. I was a tomboy when I was 13 or 14.

11. I’ve shaved my head when I was 17.

12. I love leather cat suit.

13. I am addicted to Hidden Object Games and Professor Layton’s puzzles.

14. I will be depress if my hair having a bad hair day.

15. I was trained by a bodybuilder to be female bodybuilder a few years ago but I quit because I want to be able to shake my hip than only lifting weights.

Have a nice day!



  1. >Hello! Nice to meet you, I am Denice, followed you over here from the SITS blog frog community! I HATE having a bad hair day, it always puts me in an icky mood too! I am now following you =) Looking forward to chatting!

  2. >Hi Denice! I followed you too. Tell me about me about bad hair day! I love your blog! It is about event and parties and I am pretty clueless about hosting one! I might be asking you soon.:)

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