Thanks Mr. Goss

Thanks to Mr.Goss, I’ve recreated this look using Pink and Brown. Though I didn’t use any of the products he used, but it turns out nice! I would never though pink and brown goes very well together but it is! It is suitable for every skin color as well.

This pic was taken after long night out with my bf and the color is still going strong though I have oily skin end of the day due to dancing on the dance floor like a mad women. 🙂

I am a strong believer of primer now! 🙂

If there’s any make up stuff I can’t lived without is Eyeliner and False lashes. I am envious to other girls who have long lashes. It save much time than sticking a glue on your eyes. 🙂


Etude House Primer

White eyeliner (base put all over the lid)

120 palette (light pink and brown for outer corner)

Etude House Dark Brown eyeshadow

Etude House Dual Change eyeliner

Miss Eylure Lashlet

This is Mr.Goss, The Make up artist. Brilliant.


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