One Man trash is Another Man treasure.

That’s what I do here. Mostly whenever my bf is having his free day, we went to scavenger hunt for cheap stuff. You can say I’ve been cheap now. Seriously, I do not want to pay 10€ of muffin tray if I can get it for 0.50€. Though I usually search for kitchen stuff and boxes or household items.

Things I won’t buy at recycle center is make up or anything with hygiene issues. I prefer them “fresh”.

I am hoping Malaysia could have this kind of stuff as well. I think Malaysia have flea markets but I’m really not active finding flea markets back home. The only place I could think of is Amcorp Mall. There used to be flea markets on basement floor, I’m not sure if still operating. Oh well…I’m sure there’s a lot of people from PJ willing to give up stuff anyway 🙂

Plus, it save for the environment…:)

Amcorp Mall… I do like it there. So much good stuff there: Make up, crafts and cheap books. Purrrfect for me!

Perhaps I will do scavenger hunt back home as well. Though when you have Mydin or Nilai or even Sungei Wang, that scavenger hunt project will most probably out of the window.

Where else can you get 6 deodorants for 6RM? Mydin..oh Mydin.. Does Mydin have a theme song?


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