Brownish Green look

You can’t see from this photo of the green part but there is green somewhere.
The bad thing about having small eyes is you have to guess where is the crease.
though small eyes for me is much more sultry.
This is my lame attempt to do sultry with brown smokey look.

I really like brown smokey look than black… Black smokey look give the effect of someone punch on my beautiful face. 🙂 (perasan mode)

I think applying make up is pretty simple for everyday look. In youtube, there’s tons of make up gurus applying complicated techniques with high end products that sometimes get into our mind that MAC is the only best brand out there. It is not.
I guess if you can afford it, why not.

For now, I just do the best with what I have.


Wet & Wild Cool as Cucumber – light green (on lid) & dark purple (crease)

Wet & Wild Greed – Black (matte, outer corner)

120 palette – light brown (upper crease)

H & M white eyeliner (A SAVIOR because it really makes your eyes awake and I pretty much tired as hell in this picture. Tapi nak jugak make up. ngada.)


Wet & Wild Pressed Powder


Some lip gloss and balm

This was my second look, the first look I did was so horrid I need to re-do again. I promise myself that shimmery color shouldn’t be on upper crease. It really makes my eyes way too small because of the camera flash. TERROR. isk.isk..



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