Have you ever want to start eating right, exercise more and try to search in internet about those kind of information and soon enough become discourage?

I get that often and I don’t understand why can’t make it easy and simple.

Obviously, I can’t follow diets for westerners, for example Atkins Diet or South Beach Diets. It doesn’t work for my Asian genetics. There is one website or blog for Asian diets or more precisely Malaysian diets. It is a good effort to do it and I am applauding to that person. At least I know how much calories in Chicken Rendang or Roti Canai! 🙂

Only one slighty thing, I don’t like to read too technical things on why this muscles relatively for weight loss and etc..etc.. It practically zone me out. I need to simplify things. The way it is written in the blog is more bashing other people diets rather encouraging them to loss weight. Doesn’t need to be “pointing out” the faulty. I think we as Malay tends to insults other Malay rather than “Melayu patut tolong Melayu” kind of thing. Usually the word “help” means “ridicule” or “insult”. I don’t want to go there.

It is food that makes the culture.

Of course, in the end, eating less, healthy and exercise more is always the best method to go.

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