A picky friend

I’m a picky friend. I pick friends… though I am not judgmental. I wish I am younger when making friends just simply sitting next to that person and talk about bullshits. That’s usually the case. 

The older I get, friendship is more like a rose in the desert. Rare. 

The best friendship I’ve made is myself. Pretty fucked up. 

The best friendship I’ve found is in my sister. I’m older now, so I get all the jokes. 

The lost friendship is just lost. Sailing in bottle, kept alive but drifted apart. 

The new friendship is expanding your world. Meeting new person, is like frog hopping to one place to another just to sit which is comfortable and beneficial. 

No offenses to my all friends,but when I first meet my friends, I pictured them in cartoons or animals or even household items. 

Perhaps I have imagination dysfunction. 

Either way, it made me smile. 🙂 

p/s: Do not ask me which cartoons, animal or household items are you associate with. Something are meant to be kept beautifully in my mind. Thank you. 

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