I likey!

I’ve been watching adult animation currently. I meant by adult is not kiddie like Toy Story or Porn in your “adult” description. These movie have meaning to it. I am now searching for more animation like this. I found this (art) animation is very much understandable than art in movie. You know when one movie tends to show artistic view.. I just don’t get it. 

1. Persepolis

I can say controversy. Injustice towards women and what the author interpretation of losing freedom of speech and freedom of choosing. Some might agree with Islamic fundamentalist, some might hate the movie. You choose. Overall, I don’t see any harm on expanding my horizon. 

2. Mary and Max 

Beautiful story about two unlikely penpals. Story about maturity, self-esteem, hobbies, quarks, depression, obese, Asperger disease and love. Some critics claims to be pedophilia kinds of story but I don’t see any pedophilia in the story. It is story about friendship. People always tend to over analyze. haih..

3. Mind Game

 The most interesting anime I ever watched! Innovative! Creative! 🙂 It is about living life, sex and death. It is quite metaphoric. I likey!

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