Baking madness

I need to stop baking. No matter how hard I try, the cake or baking result isn’t good. So., I need to stop baking without proper equipment. I would need a good scale, measurement cups, mixer and muffin tray or any baking tools. yes, I will baking with proper equipment from now on. 
OR I just use ready made cake mix if I have the urge to eat something sweet or just need the feeling of baking. It’s odd, I know but I do have that feeling. 

Anyhow, it is good thing I didn’t do anything about the muffin when I was at summer place. Kitchen was a mess and everybody is drinking a lot. I mean A LOT for straight 3 days. We even have 30euros worth of beer cans. 

Conclusion, no more baking. 🙂 

oh, I’ve made lemon-cream cheese muffin today. It was good. unhealthy good. 

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