>Ashamed of Complaining

I feel pretty much ashamed when I heard from my sister, while she filling up fuel at nearby gas station in Nilai that foreign workers there been treated very bad. Not that they been beaten or anything but it really made me pretty much ashamed to complaint about working at kino before.

I really against some so-called agents to “help” these people to find work, decent work.
One foreign worker told my sis that he only have ONE day in a month of day off!
ONE DAY in the WHOLE MONTH! they even work for 12 hours everyday!
The pay is only RM1000.
It is not worth it.

some of these people are graduate but they trust the mother**** agents and gave the agents RM5K to give them job!
More disturbingly, Malaysia Labour Law doesn’t protect these people.
I am not saying we need to give them the same amount of equality as Malaysian because somehow if
Malaysia are starting to
depend on foreign labour, locals will be out of work.
Pros and Cons of every system. Everything has a flaw in itself and I feel very much in disbelieve to hear such things. They are not robots..:(
where is the humanity? where is justice? đŸ˜¦

p/s: Please do not comment. I don’t want any fucking crappy comment on how good things are and how things should be.


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