I’ve gained weight. I am so happy, I guess.
I always thought I am in a right weight but
that darn WIIfit told me that I almost overweight!

It doesn’t bother me that much before but after seeing my waist zone
in the picture recently, I really need to rethink my eating habits and start work out.
It has been awhile I didn’t work out but my latest picture are my sole inspiration!
Leads a healthy life!!
This is what I am to do for now:

1. Drinks Lots of Water
2. Drinks Green tea ..or any other hot beverage after meals
3. Be active!
4. you are what you eat

Recently I bought resistant band for exercising. I guess that is the best purchase I ever did.
I will post update about my weight loss. I admit I can’t have the same body I used to have. When you get older, your body
have their own mind and now I really understand the phrase, listen to your body.

I will do this gradually. It is always good start something small.
I did to do things so fast and after that, I drop it all so fast as well.. so no, I do not want to repeat the same mistake.

First task,

Drink a lot of water.
target for one week :drink 1 liter of water

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