In few weeks I will be home in Nilai… I can’t wait to wear slippers/ flipflop/ sandals.. a breeze on my toes and not crowded with socks and boots… not that I am complaining about the snow..I love the snow… not the weather.:)

I am looking forward to go to langkawi. I never been there. 2 things I know about Langkawi, Mahsuri and tax-free chocolate! I am looking forward for many things. Lepaking! 🙂
I have to catch up the gossips! 🙂

I don’t think there is much change in KL anyway. It is only been for 8 months I’m away.. so pretty much I want my kopitiam drinks and donuts. 🙂

I am packing my bag slowly. There will be plumbing construction in this building and everybody should be away for 3 months while they demolish the bathrooms and kitchen..
We went to building office to select tile colors and pipe.. it looks very nice

Kopitiam, Here I come!

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