Halloween Day yesterday.. and I’ve been celebrating in my own way.:)
I’ve put out Pirate banners around the house and watched Addams Family and Horror movies and of course Nightmare before Christmas. I could watch that over and over again. 🙂

My favorite Halloween movies are:

Nightmare Before Christmas

I loveeee this movie. I’ve seen it too many times, my bf kinda perdict it. 🙂
I love the music, I love the animations, and everything in between.


Brilliant character. Eccentric but brilliant. Not Charming, not adorable but freakish. Good movie that I love to watch over and over!

Addams Family (93 & 94 )

I hate the 1998 version – Addams Family Reunion, its not the same. Perhaps there’s no charm like the older version of the movie with Angelina Houston and Christina Ricci- i guess i’m a bit bias. After the actor played Gomez, died, they changed the whole actors and actress. I think the person who played Gomez before really have a charm. 🙂

Trick ‘r Treat

I just watch this a few minutes ago. It’s good. I love the plot. its inter-related. One character related to another and it have a twist on its own. Loving it! I love this kind of movie! its my kind of movie. I think life is like that.

Death become her

My all time favorite movie. It may not look like typical Halloween but you know, if you look another angle, it is kinda gruesome and show the dark side of beauty and to be able to “touch up” like in the movie is like having a mask. Of course Helen Sharp hole on her tummy is an idea for Halloween! Who would forget that?!

Corpse Bride

How can I forget! I love Tim Burton movies! They are all Halloween concept movies. 🙂 Corpse bride is from Russian- Jewish folktale. I wonder I wonder if there’s a truth in those wonder that perhaps a groom married the dead?! I give it 10/10 if you dont like too much music, I’ll give it 6/10 then 🙂

Thats my take on Halloween movies. I do like Halloween, the costume, the make up, creative pumpkin head Jack O’ Lantern, even there’s a food for halloween purpose! 🙂 Definitely I would love to make my own Halloween party! 🙂 Next Year then..Next year…. 🙂


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