>Raya day today! The sound of Azan for Raya is ringing in my head and songs of raya is in my heart. It sound bad that I didn’t go home for Raya but I will next year. It is not so bad not to celebrate it as usual. I don’t feel bad though. hehe.. it means that I don’t have to wash the dishes after everybody going home.

Really, I don’t feel bad at all that I don’t celebrate it. I had a very good lunch with my bf at New Bamboo Center @ Helsinki earlier. I am so full, I feel sleepy now. 🙂 Thats what happen when you stuff yourself with rice, chicken and beef side dishes , deep fry crab, huge spring rolls and huge deep fry banana with vanilla ice-cream!Delicious!! I love deep fry food. It is not healthy but it taste good. This deep fry food supposedly eaten just occasionally cause I feel when I eat it too often, it doesn’t taste good anymore and the only taste you will be having is OIL.
Raya is about eating much food anyway! Rendang, Kuah Kacang, Roti Jala, Kari Ayam, Kuzi Ayam, Nasi Impit and tons of cookies and cakes! Its once a year food fiesta!
Not to mention Raya program in tv. There always be singers sing Raya songs and comedy show about Raya, usually about people who doesn’t celebrate Raya and come home to celebrate it with joyful in their heart. More less like Christmas day. It is like traditions for every religious festival. 🙂
Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri to all muslim in Malaysia and all over the world, May Allah bless you and Enjoy eating!!!:)

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